Stop asking employees to leave PCs on 24x7.

Start centrally managing power states for your PC fleet.

90%+ Software Update Success.

Stop Excessive & Expensive Printing

Without the right data, it’s tough to manage print volumes and costs.

Up to 30% Print Savings

  • Energy Efficiency

    Total IT Energy Use - 25% of All Global Energy

    IT consumes 25% and growing of global commercial energy. PCs and Macs are the #1 IT energy consumer and represent the biggest savings opportunity at $20-$60/computer/year.

  • Print Efficiency

    Optimize Print Environment

    Save up to 30% by reducing print volumes and shifting to lower cost printers. Verdiem uniquely monitors end-user print activity. You’ll finally be able to answer who prints, where they print, what they print, and when they print.

  • Patch Efficiency

    Improve Wake Success to 90%+

    Need to wake up the PC fleet at 2am? Count on Verdiem to wake 90%+ of your PCs to receive patches and other software updates. Ensure your PC fleet is secure.